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Mobile Control Post was created on the basis of completely upgraded and structurally improved transportation facilities, which allow placing radiometric equipment, means of mobile and satellite communication, information and communication solutions, and basic life support.

Only after this kind of upgrade regarding production vehicles it has become possible to secure preset parameters of Mobile Control Post, such as rapid motion and operational deployment, modularity and multifunctionality, long-term stable operation off-line, radiation monitoring and communication organization under any conditions both on the run and at stand, and sufficient operational comfort for staff.

In case of emergency and decision to organize and advance alarm response force, Mobile Control Post is ready to head for emergency area within a few hours.

Adjacent of radiation environment, exploration of access ways and ground reconnaissance are carried out during the transit. Continuous communication with Situation and Crisis Center of Rosatom and all vehicles of Mobile Control Post is provided on the run. Experts and members of alarm response force timely receive all necessary information on operational environment in the accident area while on the run.

Safe place for deployment of Mobile Control Post base camp is selected on the basis of received data. When deployed Mobile Control Post is represented by fully-autonomous body with individual life support system, which provides group work up to 30 persons in the field environment within prolonged period.

The core of Mobile Control Post is represented by command and staff module equipped with unified complex of information technological systems and management facilities, which allow to organize workspaces for senior officers, members and experts of Nuclear Emergency Response Committee alarm response force, representatives of cooperating ministries, agencies, accident rescue groups and local government agencies. Besides, the module supports information cooperation between Mobile Control Post experts, Situation and Crisis Center of Rosatom and remote technical support centers, accumulation of necessary information and its presentation to Rosatom. All functional capabilities of software and hardware complex are also available in other Mobile Control Post modules integrated in unified information system.

Software and hardware complex of Mobile Control Post allocated in expert module provides information analysis support for alarm response force members and on-line monitoring of radiation environment.

Quickly deployed automated control system was created for adjacent of radiation environment in accident area. It is represented by autonomous mobile posts designed for radiation monitoring of the area and control room in expert module, which receives the results of this monitoring.

Availability of radiological monitoring module as part of Mobile Control Post equipped with modern mobile radiometric detection systems of ionization radiation fields, and assimilation of remote search, localization and identification technology aimed at concealed radioactive emission sources provides considerable enhancement of emergency and search activities relating restoring control over these sources.

To create broader picture of environment in emergency zone as part of Mobile Control Post reporting module is involved to provide video streaming from emergency area, preparation of reports and information materials for press releases and official reports in mass media.

Telecommunication system of Mobile Control Post constitutes a part of Rosatom Information and Communication Network for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, which provides unified secure environment for information exchange between Situation and Crisis Center of Rosatom, all industry enterprises, authorized bodies of ministries and agencies participating in recovery from an accident, and providing continuous accumulation, analysis, and exchange of information on environment in emergency zone and in the course of response activities.

Creation of Mobile Control Post provided efficiency improvement of information analysis support for regulatory bodies of industry and state response systems in emergency and crisis situations and provided dynamic response to possible accidents and incidents.

Command-staff exercises participation credit on Kursk NPP 1-5 October 2012 including route march to the venue.