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International Conference on Global Emergency Preparedness and Response 19 – 23 October 2015

Experts of the SCC of Rosatom with other Rosatom's representatives took part in the International Conference on Global Emergency and Response (EPR) hold 19-23 October in IAEA headquarter, Vienna, Austria.

The Conference provided a forum for networking and exchange of experiences and best practices among relevant emergency response stakeholders from IAEA Member States and a wide range of international organizations, such as European Commission (EC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD NEA) and many others aimed at improving national EPR systems. Many topical issues that are common for various countries have been highlighted, namely harmonization of protection strategies in Member States under transboundary release hazard, public communication and information, integration of nuclear safety and security, international cooperation with assistance in accidents, research results of recovery process in area of Fukushima Daiichi NPP after the accident 2011.

In the course of the Conference an exhibition and demonstration of posters have been arranged for displays, exhibits and demonstrations of instruments, publications, educational tools and equipment available for EPR. The members of the exhibition represented their approaches to EPR, national EPR structures, exercise experience and tools for radiation monitoring and measurements.

The SCC’s stand displayed Mobile Control Complex , a portable control point for operation of a rapid response group and Industry’s Commission on Emergency Situations at an emergency area in field conditions. The demonstrated posters and film aroused a great interest of exhibition visitors from USA, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Belarus, Armenia, France, China and other countries concerning instrumentation, functional features, possibility of vehicles transportation in other countries in a case of emergency, interaction on equipment completion and purchase.

During the Conference SCC representatives had opportunity to meet with Elena Buglova, Head of IAEA’s Incident and Emergency Center (IEC)  and discuss issues of cooperation.

The SCC as National Contact Point fulfills obligations of the Russian Federation on implementation of the Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident (Early Notification Convention) and the Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency (Assistance Convention) and has functions that are much like those IEC has. Regarding the long-term direct interaction between the two Centers, the IEC made proposals on joint activities with the SCC, including workshops on notification, bilateral training and drills under the national comprehensive exercise and experience exchange. The IEC is interested in strengthening its staff with cost-free experts that can be assigned from a Member State who hold a Junior Professional Officers Agreement with the IAEA.

Concluding the side meeting the parts (SCC and IEC) made a decision about preparation of a Framework Agreement on Cooperation and a 5-Year-Plan of Joint Activities for 2016-2020.

Representatives of IAEA IEC, Rosatom and SCC, from the left to the right: V. Chugunov, Councilor, Monitoring and Emergency Response Department/SCC; A. Snytnikov, Director, SCC; E. Buglova, Head of IEC/IAEA; A.Erastov, Chief Specialist, Department on International Cooperation/Rosatom; S. Aleshchenkov, Analyst, Department of Safeguards/IAEA; Т. Penyaeva, Translator, SCC.

From the left to the right: V. Chugunov, Councilor, Monitoring and Emergency Response Department/SCC; Frederic Mariotte, Deputy Director, Risk Management Sector/Security Head Division/CEA; E. Buglova, Head of IEC/IAEA; A. Snytnikov, Director, SCC.

SCC’s Exhibition Stand: Displaying Film on Mobile Control Complex.

SCC’s Stand: General View