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Mobile Control Post

Due to Mobile Control Post it has become possible to propel Branch System of Prevention and Response to Emergency Situations to the higher level of efficiency and readiness for emergency response.

Mobile Control Post is designed to secure activity of Nuclear Emergency Response Committee regarding delivery of assistance to corporate bodies of organizations, coordination of accident rescue units forces and facilities cooperation of ministries and agencies, participating in response to nuclear and radiation accidents.

Mobile Control Post is designed for delivery of Nuclear Emergency Response Committee alarm response force, its accommodation and creation of necessary activity conditions in the area of an accident.

Modern software and hardware complexes and communication tools allow efficiently solving operational tasks regarding information support of emergency response on stationary nuclear and radiation hazardous sites and, most notably, during transportation of nuclear hazardous freights, even in areas without necessary telecommunication infrastructure.

Mobile Control Post is created on the basis of industrial transportation facilities completely upgraded and structurally improved for the purpose of best fit to its assignment.

The core of Mobile Control Post is represented by command and staff module equipped with unified complex of information technological systems and management facilities, managing workspaces of  managers, members of Nuclear Emergency Response Committee and experts of industry committee alarm response force, representatives of cooperating ministries, agencies, accident rescue units and local government agencies.

Software and hardware complex of Mobile Control Post provides information analytical support for members of operational group and carrying out of operational evaluation of nuclear environment. It also provides information cooperation between Mobile Control Post experts, Situation and Crisis Center of Rosatom, and remote technical support centers, acquisition of necessary information and its presentation to Rosatom governing body. All functional capabilities of software and hardware complex are available both in command and staff module and other Mobile Control Post modules integrated into unified information system.

Development of Mobile Control Post improved efficiency of information and analytical support of regulatory bodies of industry and state response systems in emergency and crisis situations and guaranteed higher level of readiness for immediate response to possible accidents and incidents.