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Command and staff module

It is designed to provide necessary conditions for employment activity in the field, in situation and crisis room of Nuclear Emergency Response Committee alarm response force key staff of 13-15 people during stay of long duration in emergency response area.

Communication systems:

  • GSM-900/1800 by channels of CJSC Megafon network
  • VHF communications system “Volna 201” with transmission power 1-25 W
  • Wi-Fi/WiMax – wireless local area network Infinet SkyMAN with data-transmission circuit speed up to 54 Mbps

Display system equipment:

  • Transparent interactive screen
  • FullHD LCD panel 85’
  • 7 personal interactive motorized experts’ monitors
  • 6 personal drivers’ monitors
  • Connectivity of 5 additional laptops to the system
  • Videoconferencing sessions «Polycom» in HD-Ready mode with automatic pointing of a camera at a speaker
  • Conference call sessions
  • Review of federal TV channels
  • Receipt and transfer and presentation of information of other command and staff vehicle modules, and access to Situation and Crisis Center services
  • High-speed printing and full-color images scan A3 format included
  • Cartographic information printing A1 format included
  • Centralized control over system from driver touch screen, and from chairman touch screen

Number of jobs:

  • up to 15