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Expert module

is designed to:

  • organize workspaces of experts for operations estimate and model analysis, target settings and analyze radiological monitoring data, and prepare information for managerial decision making by Nuclear Emergency Response Committee;
  • provide nuclear environment clarification in significant points while movement;
  • provide information cooperation with remote technical support centers;
  • get members of Nuclear Emergency Response Committee alarm response force to location of Mobile Control Post deployment.

Software and hardware complex:

  • Online computation of ionization radiation field characteristics (“BRIZ” software)
  • Express analysis of nuclear environment in case of radioactive emission ( “Trace” software)
  • Express analysis of nuclear environment in case of radioactive emission (“Trace” software)
  • Analysis of nuclear environment in case of radioactive emission with the use of three-dimensional Lagrange trajectory stochastic model ( “Nostradamus” software)
  • Evaluation and analysis of surface water radiation pollution (“Cassandra” software)
  • Dose calculation for external and internal radiation of different radioactive sources (program module “Dose +”)
  • Special-purpose integrated software complex for cartographic information management, satellite images, attributive information for experts, including electronic maps and satellite images library, research and information subsystem of decision support for experts
  • Equipment:
  • Stationary diesel
  • Stationary diesel
  • FisherPanda PVM-V 8000NE generator with automatic speed adjustment depending on load. Generator fuel consumption 4 l/hour
  • Uninterruptible power system equipment (UPS) 6 kVA APC and decoupling transformer 6 kW
  • Rack for equipment with dimensions of 19’ 32RU, 550 mm deep is installed on rubber oil-filled shock mountings and covered with protective covers around the perimeter – Radiocommunication Bureau automated radiation monitoring system Mobile Control Post

Communication systems:

  • GSM-900/1800 by channels of CJSC Megafon network
  • Satellite station Inmarsat EXPLORER 727/ TT-3722A Thrane & Thrane with data transfer channel speed up to 432 kbps
  • VHF communications system with transmission power 1-25 W
  • Wi-Fi/WiMax – wireless local area network Infinet SkyMAN with data-transmission circuit speed up to 54 Mbps
  • GSM/GPRS modems for connection of mobile autonomous control stations of gamma-radiation intensity

Number of jobs:

  • 9