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Field communications

Process module, which provides necessary channel infrastructure among Mobile Control Post modules and Rosatom central node of Information and Communication Network for information systems service delivery, videoconferencing, telephone communication and data transfer.


  • Collapsible mast HILOMAST NL.8 made in South Midlands Communications Ltd (Britain).
  • Fisher Panda PVM-V 6000NE generator, generator fuel consumption 4 l/hour
  • Uninterruptible power system equipment (UPS) 6 kVA APC and decoupling transformer 6 kW
  • Air spring suspension
  • Rack for equipment with dimensions of 19’ 24RU, 650 mm deep is installed on rubber oil-filled shock mountings and covered with protective covers around the perimeter

Communication systems:

  • GSM-900/1800 (support of voice communication, short messages etc. on the run and at a place of deployment)
  • Base stations NanoBTS of GSM-900 and GSM-1800 standards linked to CJSC Megafon network for transmission and reception of voice messages and other cellular communication services within 5000 m
  • Inmarsat (voice communication support, data transfer at a speed up to 400 kbps, telemetrics, videoconferencing on the run and at a place of deployment)
  • Mobile satellite station Gigasat-180 C-range, transmission power 40 W Yamal-200 with data transfer speed from 1 Mb/s to 1,8 Mb/s
  • VHF communications system (Retransmission unit “Volna R-101” 25-40 W on the move up to 500 m, and in case of Mobile Control Post deployment within 5 km with frequency range 136-174 MHz)
  • “Volna 301” 1-5 W
  • Vehicular radio set “Volna 201” 1-25 W
  • Wi-Fi/WiMax wireless local area network Infinet SkyMAN with data transfer channel speed up to 54 Mb/s
  • Satellite station Inmarsat EXPLORER 727/ TT-3722A Thrane & Thrane with data transfer channel speed up to 432 kbps
  • Protection of voice information in transit from Situation and Crisis Center of Rosatom and between subscribers of internal IP-АТС CUCME through firewall/crypto router VipNet Coordinator