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Reporting station

It is represented by combination of television and telecommunication systems integrated into unified Information and Communication Network of Rosatom and designed to collect, process, and transfer of video and audio information from Nuclear Emergency Response Committee workplace, prepare presentation materials for general public and media personnel.

Communication systems:

  • Satellite system Swedish DA-150K Кu-range up to 3 Mbps (reporting mode) with automatic guidance to targeted satellite.
  • Cover heating system and elevation drive, MPEG4 SD/HD coder, transmitter 180 W
  • GSM-900/1800 router by channels of CJSC Megafon network
  • VHF communications system “Volna 201” with transmission power 1-25 W
  • Wi-Fi/WiMax wireless local area network Infinet SkyMAN with data transfer channel speed up to 54 Mb/s

Number of jobs:

  • 5